Geralena Bentley, mother of four, recently joined Workforce University, WMCAT’s newest pilot program that supports parents as they build a vision for their family’s future.

Geralena Bentley and her son, Darrell Howell

“I’ve dedicated my time in trying to set good examples for my children, to give them a better life with a strong structure,” shared Geralena.

Partnering with Strong Beginnings, an organization dedicated to the health of families, and Spectrum Health Healthier Communities, WMCAT is supporting parents in creating pathways to income security.

According to The Aspen Institute, for families with children who earn $25,000 or less a year, increasing their income by just $3,000 annually yields a 17 percent increase in adult earnings for those children.

“We have curated a space for parents to learn more about themselves and explore career opportunities that align with who they are,” said Jamon Alexander, director of workforce development at WMCAT. “From there, we will connect them directly to opportunities that already exist in our community, which could be career training, furthering education, or quality work.”

Geralena hopes to receive guidance and information to make the best decisions for her career in the medical field and shared, “I believe that WMCAT Workforce University is [the place for] it.”