In response to the current phase in Michigan’s reopening plan, WMCAT will be open to the public Monday – Thursday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., beginning June 22, 2020. WMCAT follows health and safety guidelines informed by local, regional, and national sources. Please see the Contact page for more information.

Information Sessions

WMCAT Information Sessions offer a complete overview of our Adult Career Training Program for medical billing, medical coding and pharmacy technician. It provides an opportunity to think through which training may be the best fit for you, a chance to sign-up for the program, and next steps.

The Adult Career Training Program is tuition-free and begins on September 14, 2020. Details can be found in the video below and eligibility requirements are at the bottom of the page. 

Start an Information Session

Steps to Apply:

Watch the online Information Session video. 

Once you’ve watched the video, please register to take a TABE test here or register through the prompt at the end of the video. This test helps determine an adult learner’s current skills and knowledge in reading and math. WMCAT will follow-up with you via email with helpful resources to prepare for the test. 

The final step in the enrollment process is an interview with program staff (for those that meet the TABE requirements). Due to COVID-19, interviews will begin in June.

Following the shelter-in-place order given by Governor Whitmer, Information Sessions are being held online. Please watch this video and see next steps in the enrollment process below.

If you have questions at any step of the process, please contact Andrea Owens at

Eligibility is as follows:

Have a high school diploma or GED
No felony record (this is a requirement of places of employment for which we are training our students to work)
Experiencing unemployment or underemployment*
Live in Kent County

*Working part-time, multiple part-time jobs, or in a job where potential and skills are not fully utilized.

At WMCAT, we believe in designing programs that are rooted in the needs of people in the community. We recognize that the eligibility requirements for our tuition-free Adult Career Training Program can both ensure we are available to those with the highest need, and at the same time cause us to miss others who could benefit from this opportunity.

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