Chanae graduated from WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program in 2009 and is now a patient care technician at Meijer.

Each summer at Adult Career Training graduation, students celebrate the end of their program learning as they move toward jobs that will provide income stability and new opportunity. But that’s not the end of the journey; it’s just the beginning of career pathways to long-term economic security for entire families. 

Fourteen years ago, Chanae Gilbert turned the tassel on her graduation cap as she completed WMCAT’s Adult Career Training Program and began her career as a pharmacy technician. “[The program] not only helped me grow into a better mother, but also a woman and to gain full-time employment at Meijer Pharmacy,” Chanae says now. 

Chanae came to WMCAT driven by a dream of stability for her young family. Since then, she’s accomplished that and more. “Having a career as a licensed certified pharmacy technician, I feel like I’m able to not only help my family and get them on the right track, but also able to serve the community.” 

As a pharmacy trainer, Chanae (left) mentors WMCAT pharmacy technician students during their Meijer externship.

She’s doing just that by playing a key role in WMCAT’s employer partnership with Meijer, mentoring pharmacy technician students during the program and retail externship. Chanae is sharing in her own success by investing in the career pathways of more than a decade of WMCAT students.

Chanae (left) and Ja’Nae (right) celebrate at WMCAT’s iBall 2023, where Chanae was presented the WMCAT Award for Inspiration. See more:

Chanae’s original desire to impact her family continues today. Her daughter Ja’Nae is now a student in the Adult Career Training Program, benefitting from Chanae’s experience and support. “I just love that she’s always there to uplift me and make sure that I do the right thing,” says Ja’Nae.

Chanae says, “[I am proud to] show my family and WMCAT students that anything is possible. If I can do it, you can do it.”